Member Roles

We recommend inviting your team members to your community from the beginning. Let them try the product as well.

  1. Click on the SETTINGS button and then invite the team members via their emails.
  2. Once they join, they'll be listed on the Members tab.
  3. Click on the Membership Settings in front of their name, and then proceed to change their role to moderator or admin.
  4. You can give billing access to admins, once you make them an admin.

Hierarchy of the members in a Skool community:

  1. Group creators (owners) are the ones who created the community on Skool. Naturally, they are the owners who have access to everything.
  2. Billing Managers: These are essentially co-owners. They also have access to everything. The recommended use case is to grant this access to your business co-founder, a partner, or your accounting head.
  3. Admins: Admins have access to everything except Billing + Referrals tab.
  4. Moderators: Moderators have community moderation privileges. They can approve/decline new members, take down reported posts, delete comments, and invite someone to your community.

For large communities, this is the best member role setup we see.

1 creator (usually the founder)

Up to 2 billing managers (usually the co-founder, COO, CFO, etc.)

Up to 5 admins (usually the core team)

5 and more moderators (mods for the community)

P.S. Group creators, billing managers, admins, and moderators are all discounted from the Leaderboard of that community. Leaderboard is only for members of that community.