How can I set access levels for a course?

Skool allows you to set custom access to each of your courses. You can decide who has access with a few choices:

1. All members have access

2. Only some members have access

3. Members of a certain level have access (see section for points and levels)

You can set access to your courses with the following steps

1. Navigate to group settings:

2. Click the classroom tab and then click "edit" on the desired course:

3. From the course menu, click "Edit Course":

4. Select your desired access rule and click "Save!"

Giving course access when "Only some members have access"

If you have a course with restricted access, you can easily give members access to the course in the members page. 

1. From the group card, click the members number to take you to the members page:

2. From the members page, find the member you would like to give access to, then click the course access button below each member:

3. In the manage access window, select the course that you would like to give the member access to:

4. The group member will now have access to all the courses checked in the manage access window. 

Giving course access to members of a certain level

First, check out this section on Gamification, Levels, and Points to read how members can level up in your community!

To set courses to open when a member reaches a certain level:

1. Navigate to course settings, classroom tab, and click "edit" on your desired course:

2. From the course menu, click "Edit Course":

3. In the access control menu, select "Members of a certain level" and then select what level the course should unlock at and click "Save":

4. Your members will now see the locked course in their course list under the classroom tab. It will unlock automatically when they reach the specified level:

You can get creative with course level unlock. You can use it to unlock bonus content, 1:1 calls with the Admin of the course, T-shirt giveaways, etc. Get creative on how to reward participation in your group!