How do I setup the about page for my group?

The about tab can also be used as a landing page for Skool groups. For private groups, this is the first page a non-member will see when they navigate to your group's URL. For public groups, users by default, will route to the community.

Cook With Friends about page

Customizing your group's about page:

  1. Click on the "About" tab for your group to navigate to the about page (or add /about to the end of your group's URL):

  1. To edit the about page's media, click on the "Upload images /videos" placeholder. This will prompt you a modal that allows you to add either an image or video that explains all about your group. You can upload any combination of images or videos and remove them at any time. Please note that uploading and removing media is currently not supported on mobile browsers.

  1. The `???` is a placeholder for the group's price. You can click on it to view the dropdown and select if your group is a free group or a paid group.

  1. To edit the group's description on the about page, simply mouseover and click on "Add a description". This will trigger the descriptions' in-line editor. Type in your description and don't forget to save! This editor supports emojis, bullet points, numbered lists, and links! Feel free to get creative and really make your description pop!

  1. To delete any media uploaded, simply hover over the thumbnail and click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the image