Send an automatic DM when a new member joins

Welcoming a new member to your group is a warm way to get someone acquainted with your community. You can set up an automatic message to new members that will send between 1-5 minutes from when they join your group! You can even choose which admin this message will send from. 

This is good for quick starting conversations with your new members. Keep it casual and fun! The point is to get to know each other. 

Note: This feature is OFF by default. 

How to set up an Auto DM

1. Navigate to Group Settings > Plugins > Edit next to Auto DM icon

2. Customize your message in the message input box. You can use #NAME# and #GROUPNAME# as variables so your message is custom to your new members first name and your group name. 

You can preview your message using the "Preview" button so you can check your formatting and variables. 

3. Change the sender. This can be any admin as assigned in the members page. 

4. Save the message and Turn the feature ON using the toggle switch on the top right

That's it! Now when a member joins, they'll receive this custom message within 5 minutes of joining the group!