Video Link Tips

Video is often the core medium of a course on Skool, and with that, we wanted to provide some guidance and proper link formats for the video hosts we support.


One of the oldest standards around, Youtube link format looks like:

YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts link format looks like:


Vimeo is also pretty straight forward, but more of the complexity lies in the account and sharing settings on the Vimeo side to make sure all members can see it regardless of region, browser, etc (more on setting up your Vimeo account here):

Example link:


For Loom videos, we have a few tips to help mitigate playback issues especially if you're using Safari.

The default Loom link formats are:


Default with removed header and branding:


Wistia is a very straight forward video host, link format looks like (directly from the Wistia support team):