Membership Questions

A great way to better vet admissions to your group, learn more about your perspective members, or get some group-critical info upfront is to utilize membership questions.

To get started, head over to the Plugins tab in the group settings modal and click "edit" next to membership questions:

Here you can toggle the questions feature on and off and add up to three questions for members to answer when they join your group:

Click on "add question" to add your custom question and select your answer type.  Your answer type options are "text box" (free text answer), "multiple choice," and "email address" (users must answer with an email address properly formatted). Note: you can only have one question with an email address answer type, so you'll see that option greyed out after using it once:

Now that I've set up three questions, one of each type, my screen looks like this:

With the plugin turned on and my questions set, I'm ready to go! Here is what the process looks like to user's joining your group. When new user's click "join" they are presented with your questions. They must answer all questions to be able to submit:

After the user submits their answers, here is what the group admin sees under their requests tab:

Pro tip: pending member email address answers are searchable in the Skool search bar which might be helpful to look someone up!

If a potential member abandons the questionnaire before submitting answers, they'll be notified that it may impact their acceptance to the group:

However, user's can still manually click to answer questions to submit answers even after abandoning the initial modal:

Here is how a pending member looks to admins when they skipped the membership questions:

Check out our Zapier help doc to take your membership question data to the next level! Our first Zapier integration will allow you to automatically send this info to a third party app once a member is accepted.