How to set up Membership Questions?

  1. Click the SETTINGS button in your community and navigate to the Plugins section.

  1. Click EDIT next to the Membership questions feature.

  1. Toggle it On and add a question by clicking on ADD QUESTION.

  1. Add your custom question and select your answer type. Your answer type options are text box, multiple choice, and email address.

Note: you can only have one question with an email address answer type, so you'll see that option greyed out after using it once.

You can have a maximum of three membership questions.

When new members click Join, they are presented with your questions. They must answer all questions to be able to submit.

Check out our Zapier help doc to take your membership question data to the next level! This will allow you to automatically send this info to a third-party app once a member is accepted.

Important Note: Membership Questions aren't prompted for subscription communities and email invites. Membership Questions are recommended only for free communities.

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