Zapier Integration

Integrating your Zapier account to automate information sharing to and from your Skool group is a snap...or should we say - a zap!

First thing to do is head over to the Plugins menu in your group settings modal and click "edit" next to the Zapier plugin:

Here you will see the ability to toggle Zapier on/off, your API key (required to link your Skool group to your Zapier account), a button to refresh your API key and some basic setup instructions as the rest of your control exists on the Zapier side:

***Note: when you refresh your API key, all your existing Zaps will break until you rebuild them with your new API key. Zapier typically sends an email alert when a Zap breaks and we alert you before there is no return:

To get the show on the road, head to Zapier to create an account of login to an existing one:

From here, you can either navigate to your "Zaps" page on the lefthand side or start making a connection on your dashboard by searching for Skool in the first search bar (this is your "Trigger" app) or in the second search bar (this is your "Action" app) after selecting a different Trigger app:

From here, please follow the below links for setup instructions based on current possible Zapier integrations with Skool:

Invite a member to your group with custom course access

Unlock a course for a member in your group

Send membership questions/answers to your CRM

For troubleshooting any issues that come up during your Zap build, the most important info to confirm from the Skool side is that your API key and group URL are correct.  Typically other issues will stem from the Zapier or third party app side with biggest culprits being: 

- Required fields in Zapier not populated (or populated with an incorrect data format)

- Third party app account or list not initially set up to accept all incoming data fields

- General formatting (Skool data did not arrive in your third party app as expected) and requires a little tinkering within the "action" setup portion

Some great resources to help you get the most out of Zapier are Zapier University, the Zapier Help Center, and my personal favorite (duh) - the Zapier Community.