What is Drip?

Drip is an awesome feature to regulate how quickly your members can access certain course content.

Many admins utilize drip to help members focus on a single course at a time versus blitzing all the content at once - this can lead to a more engaged community and more member longevity in your group!

How does drip work?

When you turn on drip for a course module and set the number of days, this locks the course for the specified number of days after a member joins the group. This allows you to better control the pipeline of content consumption as your group grows.

Turning on Drip

In the module settings (accessed on the sidebar in module view), you'll see the "Drip" status turned off by default:

Click that option to open the drip modal where you can turn drip on:

Once enabled, you can set the number of days:

After clicking "Save," the module will now display the updated drip status when you click to edit it:

Now when a new member joins your group and clicks to view the module with drip turned on, they'll see they have to wait two weeks to have access:

Granting early access

If you ever want to grant access sooner than drip allows, you can individually release all content for a member. Head to the members page for the list of members and click the membership settings button for the member you'd like to adjust access for:

In the modal that appears, locate which course you want to adjust access for. Courses that are in drip will be stated as such with an option to release all content. Click the "release all content" link. All content will now be released to that user.

You can read more on course access controls here.