Notifications in Skool help keep you updated on all the action happening across your groups, personal chats, and individual members you follow. Skool notifies you for follows, likes, comments/replies, group/admin activity, and gamification milestones like leveling up and course unlocks!

You'll see badges for unread chats and notifications right next to the user icon:

When you click on the bell icon, you'll see all your unread notifications at the top with everything read in chronological order below:

If you want to isolate notifications from a certain group, click the "all groups" button and you can filter to just the group you're currently visiting:

You can clear out your notifications by clicking the "Mark all as read" button, now all notifications will appear in chronological order:

The chat notifications work similarly, and you also have the ability to mark all as read to clear out your unreads (learn more about the chat feature here):

Managing Notification Settings

Head over to the user settings menu and click the notifications tab to adjust the types of notifications you'll receive and at what frequency:

Click "change" next to one of your groups to adjust that group's specific notification and email settings:

Post likes notification: turn on/off notifications when your posts receive likes.

Admin announcements: turn on/off notifications when one of your group admins makes an announcement post.

You can adjust the same settings for a specific group when you click on the settings menu while visiting that group, then click "notifications":

(Learn more about email notification settings here)