Skool Search

Don't let the Skool search bar fool you - it's simple design is hiding a powerful and adaptive feature.

The search bar hones in on keywords across community posts/comments, member information, and classroom content and course transcripts.  Just punch in a word or phrase, hit enter, and explore the results.

Searching Community

When using the search bar when on a group's community page, the search functionality will scan posts, comments/replies, and any shared content in community. This is a great way to look up earlier public discussions, revive an aging thread, or quickly find focus areas you care about within the community discussion:

Note that just under the search bar you can see the other categories that had keyword matches:

In this example, clicking on "classroom 2" shows you the two course transcripts that mention Youtube in the Skool Community classroom - this will change dynamically depending on the group you're visiting. Clicking "Members 48" would bring up the 48 members in the Skool Community that mention Youtube in their profile:

Searching Members

Similar to searching community, searching for keywords while on a group's member page will bring up all members that reference the keyword:

Searching Classroom

Searching a group's classroom can help you focus in on specific modules or recall a course you needed to revisit but can't remember which one. Simply search for a word or phrase while in classroom (or click on the classroom results when searching from a different area of Skool):