Email Management

Skool allows you to customize the types, quantity and send/receipt cadence of notification emails both as a user and group admin.

Starting in the User Settings menu you can adjust how all of the different email notifications impact your inbox in the "notifications" tab.

User Notifications

In this section, you can choose if you want to receive email notifications when other users follow you or when you get referral earnings:

Group Notifications

Next, you can customize your email notifications for any group you are a member of. You'll see under each group name what the current settings are:

Clicking the "change" button next to each group brings up a modal to adjust Skool and email notifications per your liking:

Digest email frequency: here you can adjust how often a summary of popular posts and member activity gets emailed (daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly or never).

Notifications email frequency: a bundled summary of unread likes, comments, mentions, and activity for posts/members you follow (every 5 minutes, hourly, every 3 hours, every 6 hours, every 12 hours, daily, every other day, weekly, or never).

Event reminders: email reminders of calendar events the day before they happen (yes or no).

Email notifications for missed chats: in the "chat" tab of the users settings menu you can turn on/off email notifications for chats you receive while offline:

**Note: when visiting a group, you can access the same email settings options in the group settings menu - simply click on "notifications" under the user settings section: