User Profile

There are two ways to access your user profile:

1. Through the user settings menu in the upper right corner. This takes you to the global profile page showing your total contributions to all of your groups:

2. Clicking on a username in the community:

Profile Page 

In the profile page you can easily view a members daily activity, contributions, and profile card. 

Daily Activity - The daily activity chart is a visual display of your activity on Skool over the past year. Activities that contribute towards this chart include liking posts, writing posts, commenting on posts and voting on polls.

Activities are timestamped according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) rather than your local time zone:

Contributions - This is a list of all the posts and comments that the user has made in the selected group. You can filter by posts and comments, or only posts:

Profile Card - This is a simple summary of information about the member. You can see the user's level, name, bio, view their course completion, contributions, and followers:

You can view a user's profile in different group contexts. You will only see a user's profile and contributions for groups that you both are members of: