Posts, Comments, Replies


A post is the building block of all Skool groups. Whenever a member has something to say or share, they can write about it, add an attachment or gif to better convey a story, put it under a relevant category and then post it for all members to view/like/comment/reply.

A member can start writing a post by clicking on the "Write something" input box at the top of the feed:

On click, the box will expand and the background will be muted in color so members can focus solely on getting their thoughts across. There are 3 essential parts to a post and without any one of these, the "Post" button will be disabled. They are the title, the description and the category. Title and description are freeform but categories are created by admins within the settings modal. All groups start with a default category named "General discussion", which is what all posts will default to if there is only one category:

Members can select the category their post best belongs to using the category dropdown:

Beyond these three required inputs, members can also add a number of other assets to their post. From left to right in the screenshot below, members can add attachments, general links, video links, polls, emojis and gifs. Hover over any of the icons for a helpful tooltip on what the icon represents:

Members can use any combination of these options to better express themselves:

Filtering posts

Once more members are posting on the feed, finding content can be a little bit harder. By using filters, more specific content can be found. Filters can be accessed using the filter dropdown found just below the post input field:

Once open, the dropdown gives a wealth of options to organize the feed, separated into 3 sections. Members can filter by categories in the first section and/or by post status in the second section. Post status options include pinned posts by the admins, posts that a member is watching (and receiving notifications on), unread posts and posts with no comments. By default, sorting of the feed is set to most recent activity but members can change sorting to newest post or weekly best (determined by number of likes). Clicking any of the options will automatically set that filter:

The page will refresh and results of the filter will be seen. When a filter is applied, the filter dropdown text will be black instead of gray:


On existing posts, members can comment and reply. From the feed, click on a post and it'll open up in a modal. At the bottom of the post will be the comment area. When commenting, members can add attachments, links, videos, emojis and gifs:

When commenting on any post for the first time, members will have the default watch toggle on. Watching a post just means getting notifications whenever there's any new post activity. If not needed, this can be toggled off before commenting:

Hover over a posted comment and you'll notice a context menu on the right hand side. These are certain comment related actions you can take:

If a member comments on your post, you'll receive a notification:


Each comment also has the option to have direct replies. Members just have to click the "Reply" button below the comment. The original poster of the comment will be auto-tagged in the reply but this can be deleted if not needed. Replies have the same options for additional assets that comments have:

Interacting with posts/comments/replies

If members enjoy content in a post/comment/reply, they can like it by clicking the icon just below the content. This is highly encouraged for engagement and also ties in with our gamification features, which you can read more on: