User Settings

You can change several key aspects of your Skool experience through the user settings.

To access user settings, first navigate to the user avatar menu in the top right and select "Settings":

This will take you to the user settings and display the tabs where you can make changes.

Profile Tab
Use this tab to:
  • Change your name
  • Change your user URL
  • Add your Bio
  • Add / Update your location
  • Add your Myers Briggs type 
  • Add your social media links
For social links, click the dropdown arrow to add links for your personal website, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook pages:
Once added, they'll look like this on your profile card:

Account Tab

Use this tab to change your email address or update your timezone:

Password Tab

Use this tab to change your login password:

Notifications Tab

This tab provides several ways to control notifications at the global and group level:
The first two options are controls for emails notifications if:
1. Somebody follows you - this is a global control across all your groups. 
2. You earn Affiliate commission by referring someone to Skool. See article on referrals
Group Level Notifications

Underneath the email options, you'll see a list of your groups. Click the change button in order to open the settings for that group: 

This will open the group notifications menu, where you can change your notification settings for:

  1. Digest email frequency - A summary of popular posts and member activity when you don’t visit the group. Configurable by Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Never. 
  2. Notifications email frequency - A bundled summary of unread likes, comments, mentions and activity for posts/members you follow. Configurable from every 5 minutes up to weekly. 
  3. Post likes notifications - Notify you when somebody likes your post.
  4. Admin announcements - Notify you when group admins make announcement posts.
  5. Event reminders - Notify you of calendar events the day before they happen.

Chat Tab

This tab lets you change your notification, email, and On/Off preferences: 

  • Notifications - choose if you want chat to display with a tab header and sound.
  • Chat email notifications - We will send you an email if someone messages you and it goes unread for 30 minutes. 
  • Chat setting per group - You can choose to turn chat on or off for specific groups, so you can control where you get messages from. 
  • Blocked Users - If you have blocked users from your chat window, you can view and unblock them using this list. 

Groups Tab
Here you can see a list of all the groups you are in. You can click the side menu to visit the group, view the group membership settings, or move Up / Down in the group switcher in the top left:  

Referrals Tab
Use the referrals tab to copy your personal referral link and share with others to earn 40% of recurring revenue for life. 
You can view a list of your referrals along with lifetime earnings, pending payments, and payouts available.