Member Management

A list of group members can be found by clicking the "Members" section in the top toolbar or in the group info card to the right of the feed:

On the following page, you'll see all the members that are in your group along with info about their join date, when they were last active, their role if an admin/moderator/billing manager, their adjustable course access, and their invite email if invited by one of our email invite methods.  You'll also see their bios and membership question answers if your group utilizes that plugin (and if they've answered them):

Click on the "members" menu to cycle through your pending requests, pending invites you've sent, or any members you've banned.  Use the same menu to jump back to your general members list:

Requests page:

Invites page:

Banned page:


On the members page, you'll notice a dropdown menu for filters: 

The filter options adjust per the access of the user (admin vs member). As an admin, you can filter by "status" (admins, online), "level," and "access" (private and level-locked courses). You can sort by "newest" members, who is currently "online," and who has the "most points" in your group. Combining filters and sorting can allow you to quickly organize your list by specific members in your group:

You'll see a "reset to default" button appear after you applied some selections, click that to return to the default sort "newest" and no other filters.

For your convenience, if you click the "online" user counter from your group's community page, you'll instantly see your members list filtered by who is online:

Also, if you head to your group's leaderboard and click on the percentage of users at a certain level, you'll be taken to the member's page with that level filter applied sorted by "most points."

Giving access

To the right of each user, you'll see that you have the ability to chat and take certain actions via the context menu, such as making them an admin or a moderator, removing or banning them from the group, or managing course access:

Once someone is made an admin, you can also give them billing access (indicated by a green dollar sign), which allows them to make billing related changes. So give this access carefully!

Member requests

Members can be invited into your group or they can request access to join your group. You can check out the list of members for each of these scenarios using the tabs at the top. The membership requests tab (which will turn red when there are requests) allows you to view details on the prospective member and gives you the option of approving or declining their membership. Users will be notified of either approval or declination:

The context menu for each prospective member allows you to chat with them (in case you wanted more details), view their profile, or ban them from the group:

For easier access, pending member requests will also show up on the feed in a widget:

Member invites

The member invites tab will allow you to see which pending email invites have been sent out, when they were sent, and to whom. You can also check the status of, resend or revoke invites. For more information on how to invite members, check out this article:

Course access control

When you have published courses in your classroom (public courses available to all members, private courses available to some members, and/or level-locked courses available to members who have reached the necessary level), you can see and adjust which courses members can access.

In the members tab, note the course counter below each name in blue:

Clicking the course counter brings up the control menu that shows you all published courses and if they are public, private, or level-locked. Check boxes to add course access for a particular member or uncheck to remove access and then click "save." This will change the first number out of the course total for that member. Note: level-locked courses and those that all members have access to can't be adjusted, only courses that "only some members have access" to can be adjusted:

On the Invited tab, you'll notice a grayed out course counter under pending invites sent with specific course access:

Clicking it shows the admin what specific course access was sent with the invite, but note this can't be changed as the invite is already out in the wild. If a fresh invite is sent to the same email address with different access, this will supersede the original email sent and update the course access counter:

You can also click the "revoke" button to remove that invite and send a fresh one from the Invite settings page.