The chat feature in Skool is a great way to have side conversations or further connect with other members of a shared group!

In the user settings menu on the "chat" tab you can toggle your chat notification and email notification preferences as well as which groups' members can initiate a chat with you:

You can hover over a user's profile picture from any corner of Skool to bring up a profile pop-up, and from here you can start chatting as long as you have a group in common or chat has not been disabled for a group or individual (via blocking a specific user).  In this sense, chat is global and not tethered to a particular group despite requiring shared membership to break the ice.

Click the "chat" button from a group members page, a user's profile page, or their profile pop-up:

You can see how you were able to "break the ice" as the chat window shows what group you know each other from:

Chat's allow for basic text entry as well as the other features across posts and comments - file/picture/video attachments, emojis, and gifs:

To block an individual user, start a chat and click the menu in the top right:

Clicking block shows you this confirmation explaining the impact with an option to unblock:

You'll also see all of your blocked users at the bottom of the chat tab in the user settings menu:

Once you get going on Skool, you'll hopefully start getting a lot of chat messages as you interact with your community. To better manage your inbox, we've added an "unread" filter. Simply click the dropdown menu and select "unread" to only view those chat threads:

A note about chat etiquette: Here at Skool we want to foster collaboration and progress while safeguarding from spam and noise as much as possible.  We recommend implementing group rules to steer clear of cold reach out sales chats and other spammy behavior at the risk of being banned if disobeyed - our communities are not the place!