How do I pin a post?

For any major announcements or updates, it can be useful to pin a post to the top of the feed so it grabs the attention of members. Pinning a post is easy to do!

1. From the feed, click on a post that you want to pin. It should open up in a modal:

2. Click the context menu in the upper right hand corner and select "Pin to top" from the options:

3. You'll then get a confirmation modal that appears, asking if you'd like to pin to the top of the category as well as the top of the feed or just the top of the category. The first one is selected by default as it gives more visibility for everyone as soon as they view the feed. However, if you want members to only see the pinned post at the top of the respective category, select the second option. When done choosing, select "Pin":

4. You should get a confirmation alert at the bottom left of the screen:

5. Click out of the post modal that you just pinned, give the page a refresh, and you should see your pinned post at the top of the feed!

Need to unpin a post? 

Click on the pinned post, then the context menu in the top right corner and click "unpin":

Now when you and your members view the post in the feed, you'll notice it's no longer pinned and falls back into default filtering order (sorted by recent activity):