How do I hide/unhide pinned posts?

While pinned posts at the top of the feed can be useful for bringing members' attention to certain content, having a few pinned posts can get to be too much visually. In this case, hiding pinned posts can come in handy.

On any pinned post at the top of the feed, there will be a "Hide" button on the top right of the post. Clicking the button will hide the post from the top of the feed where it's pinned but it won't affect its visibility as a regular post further down:

Hidden pinned posts can easily be unhidden so it's once again visible as a pinned post near the top of the feed.

1. From the main feed, click on the "Filters" dropdown just below the post input box:

2. In the dropdown underneath the "Filter" category, select the radio button for "Pinned", which will filter out just the pinned posts in the group:

3. Now viewing these filtered pinned posts, you'll see that the top right of the posts say "Unhide from feed" (or "Hide from feed" for any pinned posts you didn't hide). Click "Unhide from feed" to place the pinned posts back up at the top of the feed for viewing: