Skool Referrals

How to refer people: Navigate to the user settings menu located under your profile picture in the upper right corner of Skool and select "Referrals".

Copy/paste your affiliate link and share!  When someone creates a group in Skool from your link within 30 days, you'll start earning 40% of their subscription revenue.

Tracking logic: We use a 30-day last-touch attribution method. If somebody clicks your referral link, we’ll place a cookie in their browser, so if they sign up any time in the next 30 days, they will be attributed to you.

Pending funds: When you earn a commission, we’ll hold the payment as “pending” for 14 days to make sure the customer is aware their payment went through and doesn’t refund.

Pay-outs: Once you have available funds, you can pay out your balance directly to your bank account using Stripe. We partner with Stripe to handle taxes and bank account connections. They make it easy!

When a user clicks on your referral link, it will always show who they were referred by whilst creating their community 🙂

A note on All of our referral transactions are managed through When you go to pay out referral earnings, you'll be taken to Stripe to set up your account and verify your banking/transfer info. Stripe makes it easy and can assist with any payment or account verification issues.