Calendars and Events

Calendars are an essential part of any course, especially when engaging members with live calls or other scheduled activities.

While the Skool calendar seems simple on the surface, it can be quite powerful depending on your needs!

You can add a shared calendar to your Skool group so your members can see what's happening, when, in their local timezone. Members can add events to their personal calendars with a click. If your community does live Q&A calls or live events, this feature is perfect for you!

To add a calendar to your Skool group:

1. Click the settings button in the group card 

2. Click on the calendar tab and press the "Add Event" button

3. Add in your event details. You can choose to make events single or recurring, add links to your live Q&A calls in the description, and decide if members should get an email reminder for upcoming events. 

4. Once created, you'll see your calendar events as a list in the calendar tab

5. As soon as you add at least one event, the Calendar tab should become visible in the top navigation bar

6. Clicking the calendar tab will show your group calendar with all the events coming up in the month. Calendar events are automatically adjusted to your selected timezone as shown at the top. 

7. Clicking on a calendar event will show the event detail, including the links you have entered into the description. You can easily add single calendar events to your preferred calendar with the "Add to Calendar" button. 

8. Need to make an adjustment to a calendar event? Admins will see a cog in the upper right corner of their cal event - click that to jump right to editing that event or, if it's recurring, you'll be asked if you want to edit that specific event, that and following events, or all events in the series:

9. By default calendar displays in months, but you can see it in weeks or years by using the toggle in the top right. Clicking the settings cog will take you to the calendar settings for easy event editing.