How to switch to Skool

Migrating your existing course to Skool from another platform is quick and easy.  Follow the steps below to port over your video content and members.

1: Download the video course content from the current platform and upload it to Wistia, Vimeo, Loom, or Youtube (these are the video hosting platform links Skool inherently supports).

2: Create a shell of your course in Skool Classroom by creating "Sets" and "Modules". A Set contains Modules. You can duplicate modules and drag and drop them to organize your course progression:

3: Copy and paste the video URLs from the hosting platform to the respective locations in Skool Classroom. Hit publish, save at the bottom, and boom - your course is alive in Skool!

4: Have a pinned post welcoming your group members to the new group, and explaining to them the new platform. Invite the members using the email invite, CSV upload, or a Webhook (Check out How do I invite members to my Skool group? for more detail):

(For more info, feel free to watch Skool 101)