Can I change my Skool group’s URL?

Yes! All Skool groups come with a default URL but you have the ability to customize this within settings. You must have a paid account and you can only change your group URL once.

1. Navigate to your group settings by clicking the "Settings" button at the bottom of the group info card to the right of the feed:

2. Once the settings modal appears, click the "General" tab in the left sidebar:

3. Locate the field called "URL" (found underneath the "Group name" field) in the panel to the right. The URL listed is your group's current URL. Click the "Change URL" link to customize:

4. In the next screen, input your desired URL and click "Change URL":

5. You will then see a confirmation screen with your old and new URL. Ensure everything is correct and click "Change URL" again:

6. Congrats! You now have a customized URL for your Skool group. To double-check, you can go back through the steps to access the settings modal and confirm that your current URL is now the new one you just set

If you do not have a paid account, the field will be disabled and you won't be able to edit: