Can I set & change the visibility of the group?

Yes! Your group visibility can either be set to private or public. A private group means the group's content and member list is accessible only by the members of the group. Additionally, search engines don't have access to content. A public group means the group’s content and member list is visible to everyone and is indexed and discoverable by search engines. 

You'll first get a chance to set the visibility of your group on group creation along with some other details:

After a group has been created, you can adjust group visibility within settings:

1. From your group feed, open up the settings modal by clicking the "settings" button at the bottom of the group info card to the right of the screen:

2. In the settings modal, navigate to the "General" tab on the left sidebar:

3. Scroll to the bottom of the right-hand panel where you'll then find the radio button toggles for group visibility. Choose which group visibility you want your group to have and click "Update Settings" at the bottom to save changes: